Sunday, January 15, 2012

15/366 (2012): My Corn Cob Love Still Shines Bright Decades Later

I'm a Cob Head. When I was in college, I studied this building in depth not just from a text book but physically too, soaking in every circular inch. Simply put, my professor was obsessed with Marina Towers and so by default was I. Imagine my joy on April 23, 2002 when one of most beloved bands used the corn cobs on their album cover. Oh Wilco, swoon my heart!


  1. I didn't get the connection (was this only a test? I hope I did my best, I'm bragging but I'm always in love) to this until after I published it.

    Very cool to see the subconscious at work. I guess the lesson here is to trust the process.

  2. If you had moved over a state into Minnesota, you could have had a corn cob water tower. See Rochester, Minn.
    Corn, corn, everywhere corn...(to the tune of "Signs, signs, everywhere signs...)


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