Monday, January 30, 2012

30/366 (2012): The Brett Dennen Phenomenon

Last May, Brett Dennen taught Holly and I how to dance after his concert at The Orange Peel. Don't worry Holly, I won't post the video.

Since then I've noticed this freaky trend. Almost every store I go into plays Brett Dennen while I'm there. It seems that all the department stores, groceries, hardware stores and office buildings have gotten in on the game. Doesn't matter what city, what time of day, weather, whatever — Brett is playing.

Is this some cosmic coincidence? 

And just today a friend and her nine-year-old daughter came over. I was by chance listening to Brett when they arrived. The little girl walks in my front door and says, "Brett Dennen! I LOVE Brett Dennen." Did I mention she's only nine years old?

Then later in the afternoon, I went to Micahel's and guess who's playing as I walk in the door? You got it, Brett Dennen. Phenomenon.

Brett, you're my musical shadow. Thanks, man.


  1. Thank you SOOOOOO much for not posting the video. You may have to send it to me though....for a little dance lesson. Funny how things start showing up everywhere. Sounds like Brett needs to put out a new album. Great show!

  2. I've read that one's in the works.

  3. Update 5/2...The Brett Dennen phenomenon continues.


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