Monday, July 16, 2012

198/366 (2012): Cheerwine

My Cheerwine Story

It was my first Thanksgiving in North Carolina. I was walking around the lake with two new friends and we were talking about family traditions. The first friend told how her dad (Mr. Brown) looked forward to Thanksgiving because from the minute he woke up he started drinking Cheerwine and continued non-stop throughout the day.

I just nodded my head and made a mental note to be supportive to my new friend. After all, she was being so open about her father's drinking problem! This Cheerwine, I thought, must be the Southern version of Maddog 20/20. 

Later when I learned that Cheerwine is a soft drink, I just laughed. The South had taught me yet another lesson. Bless my heart. Cheers to you, Mr. Brown. I raise my glass and toast.

Extra Cool: Cheerwine and The Avett Brothers have teamed up. Ken Taylor created the artwork for the promotional 12-pack. It includes a cardinal— the North Carolina state bird. The artwork feels a bit like the cover of Emotionalism (a most excellent release by The Avett Brothers). 

Born in the South. Raised in a glass.


  1. Yes, I too, had a Yankee in the South Cheerwine event. Thought I was being offered alcohol when it was, indeed, soda.


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